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Enhancements in 6.3.50  4

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Bugs Fixed Since Version 6.3.01. 9


Introducing Qedit/Open 6.3.50


Qedit is our fast and efficient full-screen editor and development home base for MPE, HP-UX and now Linux systems

The first goal for this version of Qedit is to support line mode commands such that some users have written scripts to edit data files via job streams or scripts are able to run on Linux, just like they do on MPE and HP-UX. We have this currently working and are adding more and more tests every day to insure that it works the same on Linux when using Line Mode commands.

So currently Qedit/Open is a Line mode editor.

Visual mode does not currently work and as you may or may not remember there are two visual modes, one via HP terminals (Reflection support), and one that works thru curses on HP-UX.

We are looking for feedback as to your environmental needs for visual mode, specifically, if you can and do connect to your Linux box via an HP terminal. If not, how do you connect, what type of terminal software do you connect with.

The Qedit Server, that works for Qedit for windows will start up, however, we have some more work to do on this portion of the product.

Highlights In Version 6.3.50

·           Verify @ and Verify Justify would abort Qedit, fixed in Qedit Build 3.

·            Add with move syntax would abort, this is now fixed. A typical syntax is add last < 1/3.

·            Adding a block of text would incorrectly print out line numbers at the end of the block of text. For the time being ADD will revert to ADDQ while we investigate this issue.

·            The Modify command will default to Modifyq for the time being as to when we resolve some terminal issues.

·            Qedit has been ported to Linux, specifically Small Endian Linux Machines.


Qedit/Open is compatible with most versions of Linux. We have tested on Red Hat and Ubuntu.

Known Problems

There are no known problems at the moment.


Qedit normally comes with a User Manual and a Change Notice. These are currently being worked on.

User Manual

The user manual contains the full description of all the Qedit commands, as well as usage tips. The manual is up-to-date with all the latest changes incorporated in Qedit. To see only the changes in the latest version, see the "What's New" section of the manual, or see the change notice.

Change Notice

For a complete description of the latest changes made to Qedit, the installation instructions, and any compatibility issues, see the change notice that was included with the release.

Web Download

You can download the files from the Robelle web site at http://www.robelle.com/library/manuals/.



The installation Instructions for Qedit are directly under the download link on the download page.

The installation should take about 5 minutes during which time no one can use Qedit.

Installation Assistance

If you have any questions about the upgrade or run into any problems, please call us.  Technical support is available on weekdays from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m., Pacific time.


Enhancements in 6.3.50


Qedit/Open 6.3.50 is the first production version of Qedit.


The following section describes what does and doesn’t work on Qedit / Open currently.


The two main functionality areas that are not currently functioning are Visual Mode, Screen Mode and the Server portion of Qedit.

With Visual Mode, we don’t really see people on Linux using HP terminals to connect to their Linux boxes, which would make the one visual mode not viable for those customers.

Screen mode which is primarily for VT type terminals, is supported by curses and the command set vis screen on, is what tells Qedit to use screen mode when the vi command is invoked.

Currently all set vis and the vi command are disabled, from doing anything, however, a message is printed:

Set vis screen on

Set Visual commands have no impact currently in Qedit/Open


Visual mode is not currently available in Qedit/Open


Commands that do work and have been tested:

Add                             Glue                            ZZ

Append                       Hold

Change                        Justify

Colcopy                       Keep

Colmove                      List

Delete                          Renumber

Divide                         Replace

Find/ Findup               Text


Online and environmental commands that we have been testing:








Modify (Set MOD HP on is the default)



= Calculator, limited testing


Commands that appear to work and have some testing but not extensive:




So to review, and as you can see the first commands and the bulk of the commands are those that operate on a number of lines, and frankly is what differentiates Qedit from a lot of WYSIWIG editors. The ability to work on lines in a myriad of ways in bulk and selecting lines by column, line number, rangelist with values, range list with columns and even the newer features like regex.

We are looking for feedback and testing to be done in other small endian environments running Linux.



Bugs Fixed

Bugs Fixed Since Version 6.3.01

The following problems have been fixed since the first release version of Qedit/Open.

·         The ADD command move syntax would abort, this is now fixed. Typical add move operation would be add last < 1/5 or similar.

·         The Add command now works quitely in both add and addq cases. Line numbers would print out in a confusing manner on some terminals. This is temporary while we investigate how to accommodate more terminals.

·         Verify @ or Verify Justify would abort Qedit, this is now fixed in 6.3.50 Build 3.