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Answers to the HP Old-Timer Trivia Quiz

This trivia quiz was first published in 1985. The questions are much more difficult now!
  1. Dave Packard's garage.
  2. They didn't work on HP-IB machines (Series 40, 44, etc.).
  3. Sun Gold, Woodgrain, Marine Blue, and Red.
  4. The bird drives the snake away.
  5. database.utility became Adager, Larc Editor became TDP, Dollar Flow became Cognos PowerPlan, IMACS became Rapid, then Transact.
  6. Monday Night Football.
  7. Mike Green.
  8. Doug Mecham.
  9. SPL II.
  10. They inserted words in front of Q-Initial to handle INFO=.
  11. Jim Hewlett, son of Bill Hewlett.
  12. A second cpu.
  13. HP 300 computer, Series 44, 9140 cartridge tape for 7914 disc, 2392 CRT, 2382 CRT, ATP, 2687 Laser printer, and Series 64.
  14. Jim Dunbar.
  15. A precursor to KSAM, supported as INDEX/3000 on the Series I, still living as a conversion program, RTOKSAM.PUB.SYS.
  16. ISS (Information Storage Systems).
  17. A bankrupt nunnery near Issaquah, Washington.
  18. There was none.
  19. Francisco.
  20. The late release and poor quality of Q MIT.
  21. A 1978 talk on Memory Management that was videotaped.
  22. HP employees releasing 10,000 balloons to celebrate the delivery of the 10,000th HP 3000.
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Answers to Eugene's Questions:

  1. Add, End/Exit, Insert, Or, Use
  2. DEL/3000
  3. Dave Packard was Deputy Secretary of Defense, 1969-1971
  4. HP Sauce stands for House of Parliament
  5. It was an APL terminal
  6. The message "My mind is going..."
  7. The DISPLAY FUNCTIONS light starts blinking -- you're in Monitor Mode
  8. NUL, ENQ, DEL

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