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Here is a short list of books that we have found very useful in understanding the WWW and in creating our own WWW services.

Managing Internet Information Services

Managing Internet Information Services Cricket Liu, Jerry Peek, Russ Jones, Bryan Buus, and Adrian Nye O'Reilly and Associates, Inc. ISBN: 1-56592-051-1
If you are managing any Internet information services (e.g., ftp, gopher, or WWW), you should get this book. The book includes an excellent primer on writing HTML. There are lots of hints on how to setup your own WWW server and extensive documentation on the NCSA server software for UNIX. The book also includes examples of CGI scripts.

The Mosaic Handbook

The Mosaic Handbook Dale Dougherty and Richard Koman O'Reilly and Associates, Inc. ISBN: 1-56592-094-5
There are three versions of this book: MS Windows, Macintosh, and X-windows. The book includes a copy of Enhanced Mosaic. There is a good explanation of the WWW and how clients and servers work together. The chapter Using Mosaic for Multimedia includes a description of MIME types, how to configure them, and some suggests for external viewers. This section of the book would apply to any graphical browser.

Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML in a Week

Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML in a Week Laura Lemay SAMS ISBN: 0-672-30667-0
This book really does do what the title says. Here is the description from the author's home page.

This book describes how to write, design, and publish information on the World Wide Web. In addition to describing the the HTML language itself, it provides extensive information on using images, sounds, video, interactivity, gateway programs (CGI), forms, and imagemaps. Through the use of dozens of real-life examples, the book helps you not only learn the technical details of writing Web pages, but also teaches you how to communicate information effectively through the Web.

The Whole Internet User's Guide and Catalog

The Whole Internet User's Guide and Catalog Ed Krol O'Reilly and Associates, Inc. ISBN: 1-56592-063-5
One of the best introductions to the Internet. Ed Krol covers most major Internet services (e.g., ftp and WWW). He also includes references to many useful Internet resources. The appendix Getting Connected to the Internet discusses the different grades of service and provides a list of suggested Internet connection providers.

WWW Pointers

These are the WWW pointers for these books.