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Suprtool Now Reads Allbase Tables

Sorts data up to twice as fast as ALLBASE/SQL

Surrey, BC - July 3, 1996 - Suprtool has added another database to the list of files that it can access. For years Suprtool has been the premier choice in data extraction tools for the HP 3000 and HP-UX, providing fast access and high speed sorting of IMAGE/SQL databases on the HP 3000, flat files on both HP 3000 and HP-UX, and recently Oracle databases on HP-UX. Suprtool 3.9 adds access to HP ALLBASE/SQL databases on both platforms by means of the familiar Select command. Suprtool then sorts the selected records up to twice as fast as Allbase, thus freeing system resources for other applications. For example, if Suprtool's Sort command is used instead of the SQL Select.Order By command, users can reduce their sort times by as much as half.

The Allbase access module is available immediately, and is priced as an add-on module to the basic Suprtool package. This basic package includes the Suprtool extraction utility, the Suprlink multi-file linking tool, and the STExport utility to prepare data in formats that can be imported into spreadsheets and databases on various platforms. There is no tier-based pricing: Robelle charges the same price for all processor models. This one-price-fits-all policy means that customers do not have to pay upgrade fees between models in the same platform (HP 3000 or HP-UX).

Robelle is a leading developer of software tools for Hewlett-Packard operating systems. Robelle products include the Qedit full-screen editor for HP 3000 and HP-UX, and Suprtool for HP 3000 and HP-UX. For more information, please contact Robelle at 1-800-561-8311 or by e-mail at


Suprtool and Qedit are trademarks of Robelle Solutions Technology Inc. Allbase, HP 3000, MPE, and HP-UX are trademarks of Hewlett-Packard Company. Oracle is a trademark of Oracle Corporation.

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