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Robelle's SMUG Book Now Available on the Web

VANCOUVER -- February 5, 1996 -- Robelle Consulting Ltd. has announced the launch of its popular SMUG Book on the World Wide Web. This newest edition of the SMUG Book contains information for users who are migrating from MPE to HP-UX and help for those working with Windows. The SMUG Book also includes book reviews, ideas on how to improve software quality, and other assorted articles. According to David Greer, president of Robelle, "The SMUG Book can help anyone involved in development on any platform."

SMUG Book, which for obscure historical reasons refers to the "Seldom Met Users Group," is not smug about the platforms it considers or about its target audience. In fact, it aims to be a resource for all overworked technical users who are expected to learn about new platforms at the drop of a hat. It boasts a chapter on "MS Windows Tips," including a section on Using Windows 3.x Without a Mouse, a chapter called "Coping with UNIX," and one on "MPE Tips, Techniques, and Traps." Historical answers that users have always wanted but were too busy to ask for are covered under The Classic HP 3000 and under RISC Architecture. And looking forward to the future, SMUG Book offers Internet surfers such topics as Learn About the Internet, From RS-232 to TCP/IP, and Networking Acronyms. An eclectic assortment of other articles complements this specifically technical information. Readers can enjoy reviews of such books as Frederick Brooks' The Mythical Man-Month, or sharpen their efficiency with a whole SMUG chapter on "Software Quality and Productivity." For sheer entertainment, readers can try the MPE Old-Timers Quiz.

This fifth edition of SMUG Book is available on the Web at The SMUG Book is also available as a self-installing Windows Help file which can be downloaded from Robelle's FTP server. Past releases of SMUG Book quickly became collectors' items when the printed copies were used up, but this new Web edition is guaranteed not to run out!

Suprtool and Qedit are trademarks of Robelle Solutions Technology Inc. MS Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

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