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New Suprtool Feature Offers Export Flexibility

Surrey, B.C. -- December 12, 1995 -- Robelle Consulting Ltd. announces STExport, the latest feature in Robelle's Suprtool. STExport allows users to export data from MPE and HP-UX platforms to other applications on other systems, a capability that can save the time of writing custom export programs.

STExport complements Suprtool's powerful capabilities of high-speed data selection and extraction. Users first use Suprtool to select the data, then use STExport to format the data into an output file. The output file can then be easily accepted by the desired application.

In all, STExport includes six, easy-to-use commands that specify the formats required for each data-type. For example, the Date command specifies the format of a date field, and the Sign command specifies the formats of integer, logical, floating-point, packed, and display fields. STExport's formatting options provide the flexibility to find the best fit for the target application or target database. STExport produces a resulting text file that can easily be exported with any file transfer utility and used in PC-based applications or in applications on other systems.

STExport will be included in the next release of Suprtool, due out in the first quarter of 1996.

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