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Is Your Disc Being Eaten By MPE?

By Neil Armstrong, Robelle Programmer

Neil Armstrong

While doing some consulting work offsite, I overheard the system manager discussing the possibility of having to get more disc space for the system volume set.

They were looking at an upgrade from 5.5 to 6.0 shortly and were concerned that they had enough room to do the upgrade and disc space on the system volume set was getting critical.

I asked if they purged their log files on a regular basis, they replied yes they did this regularly.

I then asked if that included the NM log files? The look I received in response was my answer, they were not aware of the log files that all network process write to.

I told them to sign on as manager.sys and do a listf nmlg####,2 and see how much disc space the log files took up. A few screenfuls later they realized that the these log files took up nearly 1 gig of space, on the system volumeset.

We added the following commands to the end of their backup job, so they would never run into this situation again.

December 5, 2001