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Patch for Suprtool/iX 4.1.01 for HP3000

In certain circumstances, Native-Mode Suprtool version 4.1.01 returns the following error:


  Error:  Unable to reset table space
  Unable to obtain FCHECK file information

+--  FILE INFORMATION --------------------------+
!  FILE NUMBER 8224    IS UNDEFINED             !
!  ERROR NUMBER: 72    RESIDUE: 0               !
!  BLOCK NUMBER: 0     NUMREC: 0                !
Error:  Fatal Problem during processing.

The root cause of this problem, however, may cause other potentially serious problems within Suprtool. We strongly urge that you apply the following patch in order to fix this problem.

Step 1 - Verify the program requires patching

(You type the bolded text, in lower case as shown)
     :hello mgr.robelle
     sp> open
     sp>display init_suprtool$2$heap_table_allo+28
     init_suprtool$2$heap_table_allo + 28  34161a48
Verify that current value (34161a48) is displayed. If not, you're likely using another version of Suprtool, or somebody else at your site has already patched the program. If this is the case, you should exit Sompatch as follows:

Step 2 - Patching the file

Once you have verified that you need to patch Suprtool, enter the following at the Sompatch prompt:
     sp>modify init_suprtool$2$heap_table_allo+28
     init_suprtool$2$heap_table_allo + 28  34161a48
If you encounter a problem or mis-type a line, please press break and start the process again. (Suggestion: copy and paste the text directly off this webpage).

Alternatively, you could contact us and make arrangements to receive a tape with a fixed version of Suprtool, at 1-888-ROBELLE or

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