Consultants Corner

We have built a list of consulting resources for our customers - people who know the Suprtool, Suprtool-based applications and Qedit. These people can help you with implementation and conversions and migration from HP-UX to Linux and other platforms. (Note: with Suprtool/Open you can migrate to almost any desired platform.)

Updated: June 2012

Company Name: Allegro Consultants, Inc.
Specialty:Providing Excellence in OS Technical Support for the Third Party Maintenance and Multi-Vendor Support Community.
Description:Allegro is the goto company for Application, Performance and OS Support. They have been a partner of Robelle's for decades now, wherein we share code, technology and services on HP-UX, Solaris, Linux and of course MPE/iX. Allegro provides excellent support and consulting services at all levels.
Contact:Steve Cooper
Location:Redwood City, CA
Robelle-Authorized Support provider.
Robelle-Authorized Support provider.
References:Please see the Allegro testimonials page. They will gladly provide additional references upon request.
Notes: For years Allegro has provided the front-line support for Robelle and helped provide Robelle with some key technologies. Allegro is who Robelle turns to when we don't know the answer. Allegro has also supported our development servers for the last decade now.
Company Name: RJR Consulting Group
Specialty:Windows Development, PHP/MySQL, Red Prairie (aka: Ecometry), Suprtool, Qedit, Cobol (HP & Fujitsu NetCobol), VB, SQL, HP3000/MPE
Description:Consulting Services & Programming
Contact:Ron Ranieri
Location:Asheville, NC
We have worked with the HP3000/MPE for 28 years and are fluent in QEDIT and SUPRTOOL.
References: Numerous, please check our Website for a detailed list.
Notes: Ron Ranieri was instrumental in the development of what is now known as the Red Prairie (AKA: Ecometry) system. Ron was the original team member selected by Ecometry's Founders (AKA: Smith & Gardner) to lead the design and development of the system. Ron is currently working on mainly windows based development including several conversions of HP/MPE clients.
Company Name: Pivital Solutions
Specialty:HP 3000 Third Party Hardware and Software Support
Description:Also HP 3000 Consulting and buy-sell used equipment.
Contact:Stephen Suraci
Location:Newton NH
Web site:
Company Name: Hire Experience, Inc.
Specialty:Red Prairie Direct Commerce/Ecometry/MACS
Description:Red Prairie Direct Commerce/Ecometry/MACS experts providing reports, extracts, interfaces, bug fixes, modifications, system review, EDI, custom programming, UPS and FedEx interfaces, and more.
Contact:Taylor Lumkpin
Location:Delray Beach, Florida
References: TeamExpress, Rick Walters
Best Uniform, Paula Szkotak
Delia's, Steve Lam
Duluth Trading, Mike Halverson
Hickory Farms, Lisa Bloomquist
New Braunfels Smokehouse, Brandon Dietert
PetEdge, Trish Keller
Schneider Saddlery, Eric Schneider
Tiger Direct, Christine Morgran
Ultimate Office, Colleen Crawford
Company Name: Beechglen Development, Inc.
Specialty:Help desk/web enabling.
Description:Beechglen is a consulting firm that specializes in MPE/iX (HP 3000) and HP-UX (HP 9000) PA-RISC / IA64 support. Since 1988 Beechglen has been providing HP 3000/9000 & HP-UX Application Support, System Maintenance & Update Assistance, System Hosting, and Legacy Application Consulting.
Contact:Doug Werth, Director of Technical Support Services
Contact:Mike Hornsby, Chief Technical Officer
Location:Cincinnati, Ohio
Links:Interesting Links
Company Name: Fluent Edge Technologies Inc.
Specialty:Custom solutions for HP 3000 users, with emphasis on Ecometry.
Description:Suprtool and Qedit for Windows experience.
Contact: Cliffy Looyenga
Location:Coeur d'Alene, ID
Links:COBOL to Suprtool Generator
Notes: Fluent Edge Tech provides MACS internals training as well as Suprtool classes. These are normally conducted on-site.
Company Name: Crawford Software Consulting, Inc
Specialty:HP-3000: Data Extraction and System Migration. Suprtool, SQL, Image, Image SQL, MPE/iX, Quiz, Qedit, Fortran, Basic, Cobol. Manufacturing Systems including GrowthPower and ASK.
Description:Our conultants have over 20 years of experience with various manufacturing packages and tools. We have the knowledge and experience to assist you in your migration or assist you in maintaining your HP 3000 platform. We are independent consultants available to assist you in selection and implementation of your manufacturing package.
Contact:Steven Carr
Location:12 Parmenter Road, Unit D4
Londonderry NH 03053
Phone:(603) 537-9630
Fax:(603) 537-9633
Web site:
We have Windows experience and are Microsoft Certified CNE's and Small Business Specialists. We have been working with and supporting supertool since 1995. We highly recommend the tool.
We have been working with and supporting Qedit since 1995. We highly recommend the tool.
References: Many manufacturing clients are available as a reference. Please call for more details.
References:Wellington Management LLB, Boston MA Stelwire Inc., Hamilton ON. Nortel Networks, Customer Service, Mississauga ON. Nortel Networks, Global Logistics, Milton ON. The Hostess Frito-Lay Company, Mississauga ON. Ontario Ministry Of Health, Downsview ON. Rubbermaid Inc., Mississauga ON. Pillsbury Inc., Willowdale ON. Macmillian Bathhurst Inc., Mississauga ON. Canada Trust, Toronto ON. Northern Telecom Inc., Brampton ON. Resume and references are available upon request.
Company Name: MVHL Consulting, LLC
Specialty:HP9000, Suprtool, Oracle, Cobol, Qedit, TOAD
Description:10+ years of integrating IT procedures with business processes. 20+ years of Cobol programming and Suprtool. A combined 15 years programming of Amisys Advance and Amisys.
Contact:Eliot Lee
Location:San Antonio, Texas
We have over 25 years of experience using Suprtool. We use it as a front-end process for Cobol and to format data extracted using SQL. We have also used Suprtool to pull data and populate web pages on the HP3000 and HP9000.
We have used Qedit for over 15 years.
Company Name: Dennis Hassell and Associates
Specialty:Sun Unix, HP 3000, Allbase/SQL Image Suprtool COGNOS Powerhouse
Description:HP MPE since 1985. As of 2012, Dennis is working in the Merchant Services area with Point of Sale systems
Contact:Dennis Hassell
Location:Tampa/St. Petersburg, FL
Phone:941-746-4919 cel 941-224-3981
I have used Suprtool in many of my consulting assignments.
Used Qedit since 1985 in virtually every assignment.
References:Client companies: Webvan Group, Inc., Infoseek/GO.COM, Longs Drug, Amdahl, EDS, Maxtor, Beckman Spinco, Exlog, Inc., Nortel, Calcomp Insurance, Fujitsu America Inc., Quantum, City of Santa Cruz, Hewlett Packard, RCM Capital Mgt., Conner Peripherals, 3Com, Sun Microsystems, Mark Products, Inc., Radvault, Inc.
Company Name: GSA Inc.
Specialty:HP3000/HP9000 systems adminstration
Description:Software support and systems administration services
Contact:Gilles Schipper
Location:Thornhill, Ontario Canada
Web site:www.gsainc.comm
Links: Profile/Interview
20 years using Suprtool.
20 years using Qedit. I absolutely recommend it to others.
References: Many, many HP system customers across North America. names and contact numbers available upon request
Notes: HP3000/HP9000 system administration specialists since 1983. The most experienced 3rd-party software support and systems administration providers.
Company Name: Pro 3K
Specialty:HP e3000 System Management Consulting
Description:Providing a full range of MPE/iX services. Pro 3K is devoted to the HP 3000.
Contact:Mark Ranft
Location:Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota
Pro 3K's has had experience with SUPRTOOL since the 1980's. Training classes provided.
Pro 3K's consultants have experience with QEDIT since 80's. Training classes provided.
References: HP AllianceOne Partner and HP Certifications. Other references available upon request.
Company Name: Info-Trans
Specialty:HP-3000 & 9000. Powerhouse, Cobol, Suprtool, SQL, Business Object, Image, Oracle, Amisys, manufacturing applications, financial applications and government sites.
Contact:Krikor Gullekian
Have used Suprtool since 1994, Cognos and HP-3000 since 1982, Oracle since 1996 and Business Object since 2000. 6 years of HPUX migration experience, also many migrations to ERP packages
Have used QEDIT since 1986
References:Available upon request.
Notes: Over 20 years of IT experience involving application developments, management, data migration and successful data warehousing projects.
Company Name: Horner Consulting
Specialty:HP3000 Consulting and Solutions
Description:Horner Consulting specializes in systems solutions and tools for the HP3000.
Contact:Ron Horner
Location:Kenosha Wisconsin
Extensive experience with Suprtool.
References:References are avaliable on request.
Notes: Getting EXTREME with your MPE.
Company Name: Kubler Consulting, Inc.
Specialty:Suprtool Training, HP e3000 Consulting, HP e3000 Performance and Capacity Planning Consulting.
Description:Robelle Authorized Suprtool Training Partner.
New! QEDIT Training
Performance & Capacity Planning Consulting
System Administration Training
Performance & Capacity Planning Training
High Availability Consulting
SGA, AMISYS & SUMMIT Programming Resources and Project Management
System Administration Consulting
NETBASE Consulting and Implementation
MPE/iX and HP-UX Training Resources
HP-UX Migration Consulting
MPE/iX to Windows SQL Consulting
Windows SQL Consulting
Operational Reviews
Contact:Jeff Kubler, President
Location:Nationwide, scheduled training classes in Maryland and Oregon.
Kubler Consulting, Inc. provides on-site and hosted training courses for Suprtool. Kubler Consulting, Inc. is a Robelle authorized Suprtool training partner. Kubler Consulting, Inc. highly recommends Suprtool, and all Robelle products, to all users.
Kubler Consulting, Inc. has recently launched a new training course for Qedit.
References: Mark Gibson, United Methodist Publishing House Quayne Green, Coldwater Creek James M. Dunn, Hammacher-Schlemmer, Manager of Software Support Gus Haga, Perot Systems, Manager of Applications Greg Barkee, Providence Health Plans Dave Bublitz, Providence Health Plans Bob Zies, Choice Care/Humana.... many more
Notes: Kubler Consulting, Inc. provides on-site and hosted (see current schedule on website) Suprtool training services, on-site MPE training, and training to suit your companies needs. Kubler Consulting, Inc. provides general MPE consulting with a specific strength in performance issues and capacity planning.
Company Name: Paul Edwards & Associates
Specialty:HP e3000 Consulting, Development, and Management
Description:Paul Edwards & Associates is a full service consulting firm specializing in Hewlett-Packard 3000 computer systems. The company is a recognized leader in providing professional data processing services and solutions in many industries throughout the U.S. since 1980.
Contact:Paul Edwards
Location:Carrollton Texas
Robelle-Authorized Suprtool instructor.
Qedit for Windows is used in application development projects.
References:Hewlett-Packard, Client Systems, and many others available on request.
Notes: Customer satisfaction, delivering the highest quality service and support, completing projects on time, and being cost competative, is our trademark. Paul Edwards is a certified HP 3000 Technical Consultant.