Robelle Products: Qedit and Suprtool

"Qedit and Suprtool rock."
Craig Erwin, Tempe City Gov.
The Robelle products are well-known for their robustness, performance, and features, and are well suited to commercial data processing environments. Our products are available for HP 3000 (MPE) computers and Hewlett-Packard HP 9000 (HP-UX) servers.

"Without QEDIT and SUPRTOOL, one feels handicapped in an HP e3000 environment. It was therefore natural for me to acquire both these tools for our HP e3000."

Jan Lund, Dansk Travselskap
Charlottenlund, Denmark

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Qedit for Windows

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Editing Solutions

Host-Based Qedit

Full-Screen Editor and Integrated Development Environment

For MPE/iX and for HP-UX too

  • Leading HP e3000 development environment for over 20 years

  • Simplifies text editing with full-screen capabilities and productivity features such as cut-and-paste, search-and-replace, column editing, etc. Works with Reflection terminal emulator, and most other emulators too!

  • Tight integration with the HP e3000 and HP-UX provides a home base from which you can run applications, execute HP commands, and compile programs

Migrating to HP-UX?

If you are migrating from MPE to HP-UX, we suggest you consider our the HP-UX version of Qedit. Same commands, same fast editing, same powerful functions. More information on Qedit/UX.


Qedit for Windows

Client/Server Editor for HP e3000, HP-UX, and PC files

  • Windows look-and- feel interface simplifies editing of HP files
  • True client/server architecture saves time by eliminating the download/upload cycle
  • Multi-platform solution provides a common interface for all your MPE, HP-UX, and Windows editing
  • Syntax Highlighting

Data Solutions


Suprtool Database Handyman

Fast Data Extraction and Manipulation

For MPE/iX and for HP-UX Too

  • Fastest solution for extracting and sorting HP 3000 data — improve extract and sort speeds by 5, 15, even 30 times!

  • Cost-efficient solution for migrating data between platforms and applications

  • Empowers IT staff with a wide range of data manipulation capabilities, eliminating the need for custom programming

  • Speeds up your mission critical applications and HP reporting tools (e.g. PowerHouse), leveraging your software investment

Suprtool for HP-UX

Suprtool Suprtool/UX gives you the same commands as on MPE, and supports the IMAGE-like HP Eloquence Database. Now you can maintain the same data structures on MPE and HP-UX, as well as the same Suprtool scripts.