Suprtool Database Handyman


For MPE/iX and for HP-UX Too

  • High performance data manipulation tool
  • Lightning fast extracts and sorts
  • Exports data to other platforms
  • Links data from multiple sources
  • Speeds up Powerhouse
  • Suprtool for HP 3000: reads TurboIMAGE, Allbase tables, KSAM files, etc.
  • Suprtool for HP-UX: reads Eloquence, Oracle and Allbase tables, and fixed-length flat files.

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Suprtool and Eloquence
Suprlink to the Rescue
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Export to mySQL
Export Multi-Line Records
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Sub-totals and Sorting
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MANMAN Month-End
Update From a Table
Delete Inadverant Dups
Understanding Defines
PowerHouse Data Types
Changing Data Types
Edit Self-Describing Files
Add Recnum to SD Files
Select Top Ten Values
Day of the Week
String Functions
Checking Business Rules
Generate Random Passwords

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Suprtool for HP 3000

Suprtool is powerful data extraction and sorting tool that works on your HP 3000 database. Its primary function is to extract data quickly from IMAGE datasets, Allbase tables, flat files, KSAM files, and tape files. The bigger the dataset and the smaller the subset of data selected, the greater the reduction in processing time.

Suprtool is also a general tool which allows you to copy, select and sort data. It can read and write to almost any kind of file on the HP 3000. A simple five or ten line Suprtool task in a job stream can often replace hundreds of lines of boring, repetitive and error prone Cobol code.

Suprtool is really five tools in one: Suprtool, the fast extraction and sort utility; Suprlink, the multi-dataset merge program; Dbedit, an interactive database editor that also updates key values; STExport for transforming your data into whatever format an external system requires; Speed Demon, a set of intrinsics that enable your programs to read IMAGE data five times faster; and Suprtool2, a callable subroutine that provides access to Suprtool and Suprlink from user-written programs.

Read more about Suprtool.

Suprtool for HP-UX

Suprtool for HP-UX supports access to HP Eloquence (an IMAGE-like database), Oracle, Allbase, and regular flat files, and includes all the same components as Suprtool for MPE: Robelle's fastsort algorithm, Suprlink for combining data from several sources in a flexible and lightning fast manner and STExport for exporting data into whatever format the importing program requires.

Suprtool provides productivity and performance benefits to established HP-UX sites as well as those converting from MPE to HP-UX.

Read more about Suprtool on HP-UX too!