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As a Robelle customer with a valid support contract, you can download any available pre-release version of the product(s) you are licensed to use.

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Request authorization codes

Use this form to obtain authorization codes for the requested software. Once you submit the form, you will be taken to a web page where you will be able to download the software. Please note that the Open version of Suprtool requires an extra step before we can send you codes, this is documented in the installation instructions for Suprtool/Open.

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Available pre-releases
Suprtool for HP e3000
Suprtool for HP-UX (PA_RISC)
Suprtool for HP-UX (Native Itanium)
Suprtool Open (Linux)
Qedit for HP e3000 (Host and/or Server)
Qedit for HP-UX (Host and/or Server)
Qedit for Windows
Qedit for Windows Client (English)
Qedit for Windows Client (French)
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