Robelle at Interex '95

This year's North American Interex conference is being held at the Toronto Convention Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada from Monday, August 14th to Friday August 18th, 1995. Interex is billed as the biggest HP-focused conference in the world, with hundreds of talks, seminars, and tutorials covering all aspects of HP computing.

As always, Robelle will be present in full force, giving almost a dozen tutorials and papers. We will have the latest versions of our products on display, including the all-new Suprtool for HP-UX.

Talks and Tutorials

Robelle has planned a great selection of talks and tutorials for this year. Featured speakers include Bob Green, David Greer, Paul Gobes, Hans Hendriks, and Ken Robertson. In order to assist your conference planning, we have included Robelle's Handy Toronto Guide and Calendar in your delegate bag. It includes spaces for session planning as well as a quick guide to some of Toronto's restaurants and night spots.


Time             Speaker        Topic
---------------  -------------  -------------------------------------------
 8 a.m.          Hans Hendriks  Speeding Up Quiz with Suprtool
10 a.m. (2 hrs)  David Greer    How Messy is My Database?
 2 p.m.          Paul Gobes     Ensuring Data Integrity with Suprtool
 3 p.m.          David Greer    Client Server, Internet, & WWW
 4 p.m.          Bob Green      Qedit Cookbook for Novices


Time             Speaker        Topic
---------------  -------------  -------------------------------------------
 9 a.m.          Ken Robertson  Programming the Command Interpreter
10 a.m.          Bob Green      Suprtool Tables, Keys & 3rd Party Indexing
11 a.m.          Hans Hendriks  Qedit's Forgotten Commands
 3 p.m.          Paul Gobes     Combining Data Files Without Keys
 4 p.m.          Bob Green      Qedit Master Class


Time             Speaker        Topic
---------------  -------------  -------------------------------------------
10 a.m.          David Greer    Suprtool Master Class

Enter to Win

Visit the Robelle booth (number 600) for contest details on how you can win one of four fabulous prizes. The draw will take place Thursday afternoon in the Robelle booth.

Special Interex Prices!

If you have been holding back on ordering Qedit or Suprtool, now is the time to take advantage of a special one-time Interex offer. Bring your purchase orders to our booth during the Interex conference in Toronto and save up to $800 on your order.

All orders processed at the show will be eligible for 20% off the first CPU license. This offer will not be available after the close of the conference on August 18, 1995. If you are not attending the conference, contact the Sales Department for more information about how you can take advantage of our Interex promotion.