HP World '99 Conference and Expo

Join Robelle @ HP World '99

This year's North American HP World '99 Conference & Expo is being held in San Francisco, California, from August 15th to 20th.

We have many activities happening at our booth (#1815):

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In-Booth Training Sessions

These mini tutorials are 15 minute sessions that pack a punch. Youíll get concise and valuable information about Robelle products and issues that are hot in todayís IT shop. Donít miss out, these are definitely worth your time.

Free T-Shirt

Attend a mini-tutorial and fill out a brief questionnaire, and you get a FREE Robelle T-shirt. Itís that easy.


Time Tuesday, Aug 17 Wednesday, Aug 18 Thursday, Aug 19
10:00-10:15 Y2K Crash Course Next Generation Software Development Web E-Commerce Made Easier
10:30-10:45 Next Generation Software Development Demystifying Regular Expressions Managing Software Development via Web
11:00-11:15 Problem Solving with Qwin Scripting Three Easy Steps from Server to Desktop Y2K Crash Course
12:00-12:15 Three Easy Steps from Server to Desktop Web E-Commerce Made Easier Problem Solving with Qwin Scripting
12:30-12:45 Managing Software Development via Web Y2K Crash Course Demystifying Regular Expressions
1:30-1:45 Demystifying Regular Expressions Stop by for our PRIZE DRAW at 1:30 Next Generation Software Development
2:00-2:15 Web E-Commerce Made Easier Next Generation Software Development Three Easy Steps from Server to Desktop
3:00-3:15 Problem Solving with Qwin Scripting Managing Software Development via Web Web E-Commerce Made Easier
3:30-3:45 Next Generation Software Development Three Easy Steps from Server to Desktop Problem Solving with Qwin Scripting
4:00-4:15 Y2K Crash Course Demystifying Regular Expressions
5:00-5:15 Managing Software Development via Web

Tutorial Description

Y2K Crash Course: Your Y2K readiness project is complete, but what if you missed something? Attend this how-to session to see how Suprtool -- and the new "standard date" functionality -- can help you put out those last-minute fires.

Three Easy Steps from the Server to the Desktop: End users and corporate decision makers alike have powerful desktop tools at their disposal; however, to make use of these tools, they still need access to data that often lives on backend servers. Before you spend lots of money on an assortment of connectivity tools, drivers, converters, translaters, and so on, learn how Suprtool can get your data from the server to the desktop in a few simple steps.

Web E-Commerce Made Easy: One of the great challenges of making e-commerce work is "web-ifying" data that is stored in different places. Whether the data lives in an IMAGE or Allbase database on your HP 3000 or an Oracle database on your HP 9000, Suprtool can help you access all this data and prepare it for the web.

Problem Solving with Qedit for Windows Scripting: Qedit for Windows can solve challenging problems for developers and development team managers alike! On an individual developer level, Qedit can be customized to maximize personal productivity. And on an organizational level, Qedit can be customized to ensure that internal development standards are being followed. Attend this tutorial to discover how you can extend the power of Qedit for Windows.

Managing Software Development via the Web: At Robelle, we have revolutionized project management, thanks to the Web and Qedit for Windows. Learn the incredible advantages of converting to a web-based project management system and how Qedit for Windows can leverage those advantages to everyone in the company, from the R&D team to end users.

Next Generation Software Development: The next generation of software development is already here! On the HP 3000, all the new technologies (e.g., Apache, Java, Perl) are being implemented in the POSIX directory space. Did you know that Qedit is POSIX- and Java-friendly? Learn how Qedit can make your life easier on the technology frontier.

Demystifying Regular Expressions: In 1999, support for regular expressions is being added to all Robelle products. Just what exactly are regular expressions? This tutorial will explain the concept and show you how regular expressions in Qedit add powerful capabilities for searching for text and rearranging text patterns.

Prize Draw

Win one of 3 great prizes:

First Prize

Dragon Naturally Speaking Mobile ó State-of-the-Art continuous speech recognition software utilizes a digital recorder which is optimized for speech recognition. With this mobile version, you can dictate documents anywhere and then connect directly to your PC for easy conversion of your dictation to text.

Second Prize

Canon Color Scanner ó Enjoy high quality color scanning with this easy-to-use one-step scanner. Comes with a parallel port interface for easy PC connection.

Third Prize

PrintMaster Platinum ó the platinum version of the PrintMaster award-winning software. With over 150,000 images, including 25,000 photos, a million different creations are at your fingertips.

Contest Details

To enter, come to the Robelle booth (#1815) and fill out the draw form. The draw will take place on Wednesday, August 18th at 1:30 p.m. One entry per person. You must be present to win.