HPWorld 2004

Chicago, August, 2004

hpworld 2004

Representing Robelle was Tammy Roscoe, who helped organize the "HP 3000 Community Lounge" in the expo area. This was a place for the vastly outnumbered 3000 users to gather, rest, and exchange a few words with each other.

Tammy says that there was not a lot of 3000 news to report:

Lund cancelled their booth at the last minute. They decide to use the money to visit their customers instead.

HP will have a 10X20 or 10X40 booth next year. HP will have their own conference next year in New Orleans.

hpworld 2004

Vendors are at odds on which conference to go to. Most companies cannot afford both.

Speedware and MB Foster will be sharing a booth next year at HPW.

PeopleSoft, IBM and WRQ had 10X10 booths

A lot of people were questioning if there will be a another HP World. Expo hall was very small this year.

hpworld 2004

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Photos from HPWorld by Tammy Roscoe

HPWorld: OpenMPE Session

Stephen Suraci of Pivital Solutions sends this report on the OpenMPE session at HPWorld.

We got a count of 21 people in attendance.

The majority of the meeting was Birket's presentation. At the end, Alan, Donna, and I helped answer some questions from the gallery. (Note: Robelle has posted Birket Foster's OpenMPE Slides; they are in Microsoft Word format. It is important to read them and contact the board if you have any interest in receiving patches to MPE after end-of-hp-support. OpenMPE needs purchase order committments by Nov 30th.)

Here are the notes from Mike Pavinen's presentation. (fwiw, he used some of the same slides at sig-mpe)

1. MPE source access status
hp/vcsy is in the process of determining
- the cost to transfer the source code
- what exactly to transfer
- evaluating the benefit vs the costs

2. 9000 --> 3000 conversions
- there has to be critical circumstances to get hp to consider doing a conversion
- as part of this process, the company has to provide a 'forward looking' business plan. this is to avoid the company coming back a year(?) later asking for another conversion.
- of course, it's all subject to parts availability

3. mass storage flexibility
- hp is evaluating 'large disc' support. (Mike mentioned support for a 'large number' drive with no os changes needed)
- they're also looking at 'scsi pass-thru' enhancements and driver 'hardening'

4. software add-on availability
- mpe software will remain on the cpl thru june 30, 2005

5. user license upgrades after eol
- still looking at how this will be done exactly but expect that it will go thru the same group as it is today.

6. openmpe communication
- Mike reminded the group that two letters had gone to the community in april and june (2004) and to expect more in the future (but perhaps not with the same frequency).

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hpworld 2004

Marius Schild of SAMCO in Holland and Michael Marxmeier of Eloquence in Germany.

hpworld 2004

A cool car in an expo booth!

hpworld 2004

Chris, Tammy and Dan.

hpworld 2004

The expo floor party.

hpworld 2004

Ken Robertson, in the Speedware booth.

hpworld 2004

Birket Foster.

hpworld 2004

Ron and Abby of The 3000 Newswire.

hpworld 2004

Michael Marxmeier and Alan Yeo (of ScreenJet) who came up with the idea for the 3000 Community Lounge.