Robelle Leads in Migration Solutions

First 3000 Vendor to Support Eloquence

Press Release
- Surrey, BC, Canada; July 2, 2002

Robelle Solutions Technology forges a clear migration path, amidst the panic and uncertainty surrounding HP's November 14th 2001 announcement regarding the end of e3000 production. By March 2002, Robelle led the way by expeditiously adding support for HP Eloquence databases into the HP-UX version of Suprtool.

Robelle President Bob Green says,

"Although we would never rush an HP 3000 site to migrate, we are still proud to be the first 3000 vendor to release an Eloquence-compatible product and we are keeping up with the technical advances from Marxmeier on a weekly basis. When Eloquence 7.0 with improved TurboIMAGE features is released this summer, we will be ready with a new version of Suprtool that supports it."

The 3000 News Wire's January 2002 issue referred to HP Eloquence as

"the most IMAGE-compatible database for non-3000 platforms."

At the April 2002 Solutions Symposium, Dave Wilde CSY R&D Manager at HP, endorsed using Eloquence to migrate applications from MPE to HP-UX.

"As far IMAGE/SQL alternatives go for customers who would benefit from keeping their "Image-calls" and do a "one-step at-a-time" approach,……… "the product is very solid and very strong…" Dave Wilde

Customers can experience the same Suprtool commands that they are familiar with on MPE now working on HP-UX. This is expected to bring significant efficiency and convenience to users who make the transition to HP-UX.

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