Suprtool "progress" messages - Enabling and Disabling

The Set Progress command is used to turn the Suprtool progress report feature on or off:

SET PROGRESS Percent number Minimum number
(Defaults: Percent 5, Minimum 10000 (MPE/V) 50000 (MPE/iX))

The PERCENT value specified tells Suprtool by which percentage increment to report the progress messages of any given input or output phase. The allowed range for set progress is from 0 to 25.

The MINIMUM value is the minimum number of records that an input file must have in order for the progress reports to be printed out. If the MINIMUM value is set to 15000, then the input file must have at least 15000 records for progress messages to be displayed.

So, to always print progress messages:

    SET PROGRESS minimum 0
Or, to show progress messages only for exceptionally large files:
    SET PROGRESS 2000000 {..or another large number}
Or, to switch them off altogether:
    SET PROGRESS 0   {percent}

Making your setting the default

If you want your setting to become the default for all Suprtool tasks, you can add this command to the SUPRMGR.PUB.SYS (or /usr/robelle/suprmgr) file, which is always executed for every Suprtool invocation.

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