Suprtool for MPE Installation Instructions (TAPE)

The following instructions apply to existing Suprtool users who are installing a new version. The whole process should take about 30 minutes, assuming that no one is using Suprtool or its components. You can perform this installation easily if you log on as Manager.Sys.

Follow these steps to install this update of Suprtool:

  1. Restore the new files from tape.
  2. Upgrade the structure of the Robelle account.
  3. Install the proper program files (NM or Classic).
  4. Install Speed Demon in the system SL (Classic only).
  5. Install the Suprtool2 interface in the system SL (Classic only).
  6. Optionally limit Suprtool's runtime priority.
  7. Install QLIB and Bonus programs.
  8. Purge the installation files (optional).

Installation Assistance

If you have any questions or run into any problems, please call us. Technical support is available on weekdays from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Pacific time at 1-888-ROBELLE (1-888-762-3553). You can also receive emergency support outside of these hours by calling our regular phone number and asking the operator to page a support person for you.

Important Note About Passwords

None of the jobs that we supply have passwords in them. Before streaming a job, you may have to add your system's passwords to the first line. Users of MPE XL 3.0 (and higher) do not have to do this because the operating system prompts for missing passwords. The same is true for some MPE V users who have security software that inserts passwords. Most MPE V users have to edit the jobs. For example, if the system manager logon password is Qwerty, you would do the following:

               HP32201A.07.22 EDIT/3000
               FILE UNNUMBERED
               /modify 1
               MODIFY     1
               !job robelle,manager.sys,pub;hipri
               !job robelle,manager.sys/qwerty,pub;hipri

               /keep robtemp
               END OF SUBSYSTEM
               :stream robtemp
               :purge robtemp


Users of STREAMX, a part of SECURITY/3000 from VESOFT Inc., must set a Job Control Word before streaming jobs. This prevents STREAMX from generating an error if the Robelle account does not yet exist. For example,

               :setjcw streamxtempnonest 1

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Step 1: Restore the Files

You begin by restoring all the files from the tape.:

               :hello manager.sys
               :file rtape;  dev=tape
               :restore *rtape; @.@.robelle; create {=reply on console}
The files on the tape require approximately 80,000 sectors. If you are upgrading Suprtool, most of these files will replace existing files because the new version of Suprtool does not take up much more space than the old version. The Suprtool program files are located in the Pub group of the Robelle account. At this point in the installation process, the files do not have the correct names. Streaming the Install job in Step 3 will assign the proper names to the program files.

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Step 2: Set Up the Robelle Account

Even if you already have the Robelle account, you must stream the Robelle job to ensure that the Robelle account and all its groups have the proper security and capabilities.

                :stream robelle.job.robelle

When the job stream is finished, it will send you a message. The job removes the password from the Robelle account. Stay logged on as Manager.Sys and put a password on the Robelle account. If you are upgrading your Robelle account, use the old password.
               :altacct robelle;pass=hardpass    {hard to guess}

Please note that during installation we add OP capability to the Robelle account. When the Suprtool installation is finished, you have the option to remove OP capability.

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Step 3: Install Suprtool into Production

Our installation job installs Suprtool, STExport, Suprlink, Speed Demon, and the Suprtool2 interface. No one can use these programs during the installation. Before you stream this installation job, warn people not to use these programs for a while.

               :hello mgr.robelle
               :warn @;please exit from Suprtool and Suprlink NOW!
               :stream install.Suprjob
Check the installation job $stdlist. If anyone was either using Suprtool, STExport, Suprlink, or Speed Demon, or attempting to back them up, the installation job fails. Chase away any users, ensure that a backup is not in progress, then stream the installation job again.

The installation job renames your current versions of Suprtool and its components to the PubOld group of the Robelle account. If you need to move these versions back into production, use the Previous.Suprjob job stream.

You can now access Suprtool by entering


Optional Installation Steps

On MPE/iX your installation should be complete. If you have copied Speed Demon or the Suprtool2 interface to your own XL files, you will have to copy the latest versions (use the instructions in the Speed Demon and Calling Suprtool user manuals).

To use the new versions on MPE V, you need to install Speed Demon and Suprtool2 in the system SL. MPE/iX users must also do this if they are calling Speed Demon or Suprtool2 from compatibility-mode programs. With so few changes to Speed Demon and Suprtool2, you can safely ignore them for this version of Suprtool.

If you have a Windows PC, you can install all of the Suprtool documentation in the popular Microsoft Windows WinHelp format on your PC.

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Step 4: Speed Demon/V Installation (optional)

To use the new features of Speed Demon/V, you must install the latest version in the system SL. You should follow the installation instructions in the Speed Demon user manual. These instructions assume that you have used the Install.Suprjob job stream to move Suprtool and its components into the Pub group of the Robelle account.

               :stream demon.Suprjob.robelle

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Step 5: Suprtool2 Interface Installation (Classic only)

The Suprtool2 interface has been revised. On MPE V you must re-install the interface. If you do not have the latest Suprtool2 interface, programs that attempt to use totals from Suprtool2 will fail. You can install this interface without recompiling any of your existing programs.

System SL Installation

To install the latest Suprtool2 interface in the system SL, use our standard installation job:

               :stream suprcall.Suprjob.robelle

User SL or XL Files

If you have a copy of the Suprtool2 interface in your own SL or XL, you will need to update it. For instructions on how to do this, consult the user manual for Calling Suprtool.

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Step 6: Optionally Limiting Suprtool's Runtime Priority

Some system managers like to restrict the amount of resources that Suprtool consumes. One way to do this is by running Suprtool in the D queue, which lets you use HP's Linkedit program.

               >altprog suprtool;maxpri=ds
By forcing Suprtool to always run in the lower queue (even when Suprtool runs on-line), it competes less with on-line users because most users run in the C queue. System managers should restrict only the priority of Suprtool if they are familiar with MPE process queues and the Tune command.

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Step 7: Install QLIB and Bonus Programs

Suprtool comes with an array of contributed software in the QLIB library (in the QLIB groups of the Robelle account). QLIB programs may be used on any CPU and may be given away freely. Your Robelle license may also entitle you to receive our Bonus programs: Compare/iX, HowMessy, Select, Spell, and Xpedit. These programs reside in the Pub group of the Robelle account. Bonus programs can only be used on authorized machines, and you may not distribute them to anyone.

If you received Bonus programs with this version of Suprtool, use the job stream called Bonus.Job.Robelle to install both the QLIB and Bonus programs. If you did not receive Bonus programs, use the job stream Qlib.Job.Robelle to install the QLIB programs.

               :hello mgr.robelle
               :stream bonus.job.robelle        {or Qlib.Job.Robelle}
If you skip this step, you might end up running old versions of these programs.

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Step 8: Purge Installation Files (optional)

The easiest way to clean up after an installation is to stream the Cleanup.Purgejob.Robelle job. This job saves you disc space by purging the installation files. It does not purge files that are needed to run the software.

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