Suprtool for HP-UX Installation Instructions (TAPE)

The following instructions apply to existing Suprtool users who are installing a new production version. The whole process should take about 10 minutes, assuming that no one is using Suprtool or its components. You can perform this installation easily if you log on as root. These instructions are strictly for tape installations and should not be used for the download installation.

Follow these steps to install this update of Suprtool:

  1. Log in as root.
  2. Create the correct directory structure.
  3. Restore Suprtool/UX and its associated files from the distribution tape.
  4. Set up variables to let Suprtool know where its supporting files and relevant libraries are located.
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Step 1: Log In as Root

There are two ways you can log in as root:

  1. Exit from HP-UX and log in with root as the user name.
  2. If you are already logged in, you can execute this command:
     su -
In either case, you have to know and supply the user password for root.

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Step 2: Create Robelle Directory

Before restoring files, you must first create the directory where Suprtool/UX will reside:

     mkdir /opt/robelle

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Step 3: Restore Files

Use the following command to restore the Suprtool/UX files from the distribution tape:

     tar xv /opt/robelle
This command assumes your tape device is /dev/rmt/0m. If it is not, you need to specify your tape device using the "f" option in the tar command. For example, if your tape device is /dev/rmt/1m, you need to use the following command to restore the files:
     tar xvf /dev/rmt/1m /opt/robelle

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Step 4: Set up Environment Variables

You can set up various environment variables to make running any of the Robelle products easier. The four variables that we recommend setting for Suprtool are: SHLIB_PATH, ROBELLE, PATH and MANPATH.


Suprtool dynamically loads the Eloquence libraries and If you do not have Eloquence you do not have to set the SHLIB_PATH variable, but you will receive the following warning messages, but Suprtool will continue to run fine, except the Base command will cause Suprtool to fail.

  Warning: Could not load Eloquence image library.
  Warning: Could not load Eloquence scan library.

Typically you can add the line below to the

file and every user that uses the Bourne and Korn shells will have the variable for each of their sessions.

   export SHLIB_PATH=$SHLIB_PATH:/opt/eloquence6/lib/pa11_32


The easiest way to add variables accessible to all users is to set the variables in the global exec file for the shell you use.

For the Bourne and Korn Shells we recommend the following additions:

export ROBELLE=/opt/robelle
export PATH=$PATH: $ROBELLE/bin

Remember to delete any PATH or MANPATH settings in /etc/d.profile, so that new users do not override your changes. You also have to warn existing Bourne and Korn shell users to change their .profile file in their home directories.

For the C Shell we recommend that you add the following commands after any existing PATH or MANPATH statements in the /etc/csh.login file:

setenv ROBELLE /opt/robelle
set path=($path $ROBELLE/bin)

Remember to delete any PATH or MANPATH settings in both /etc/d.login and /etc/d.schrc, so that new users do not override your changes. You also have to warn existing C shell users to change their .login and .cshrc files in their home directories.

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