The Right Tool for the Right Job--Upshifting Data

Do you need to upshift all the data in a field? While Suprtool can’t do this, Qedit certainly can. Let’s say that you want to upshift all the addresses in columns 21 - 40 of your file. The trick is to use the UP procedure after you have set the margins so that only the address data is affected. For example,

    /t datafile
         2 lines in file
         /set left 21
         /set right 40
         /proc up @
         Set Shift UP?  1(@) 2(") 3(') 4(" or ')  [0]:1
             1     123 MAIN STREET
             2     15399 102A AVENUE
         2 lines up shifted
         /set left
         /set right
Remember to reset your left and right margins before you use the Keep command or you will lose all the data in the other fields.

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