Customer Experiences With Suprtool

17 X Performance Improvement with Suprtool!

Recently, Robert Allen Green, of Long Reach, Inc., Houston, evaluated our Suprtool product on MPE, and was impressed with the results...

Robert took one of their existing monthly reports, "Activity to closed Work Orders", which uses Query to access 2 datasets in a database, selecting on date and order-status, and replaced it with a Suprtool job.

The Query job was run monthly, and took 2 hrs and 18 minutes to run. It also didn't include component costs, so users would have to manually lookup the part costs to compute the standard cost of each order. So in his Suprtool replacement, Robert included tasks to link in the component costs, so that the final report includes the computed cost per order. And, to top it all off, Suprtool creates an ascii output file that can be imported directly into an Excel spreadsheet by the user.

Total time to execute the Suprtool jobstream? 8 minutes. That's a 17-times performance improvement!

Way to go, Robert!

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