Robelle Solutions Technology Inc.
Corporate Overview

Fast Facts

Robelle creates, markets, and supports software tools for computer servers (originally only those from Hewlett-Packard Company but now for many other servers). The customer base is spread around the world, with the largest concentration in the USA. Robelle is the market leader in two product categories: programming development and data manipulation solutions for the Hewlett-Packard servers.

Robelle has a longstanding reputation in the marketplace for producing highly reliable software and delivering "best-in-class" customer support.


Robelle was established in 1977 by Bob Green, President. Robelle was incorporated on April 14, 1977 in the Province of British Columbia.

Reaching Robelle

You can reach us by phone or email. Click the link above.


Robelle is owned by Bob Green, President.

Flagship Products

Robelle's technology expertise lies in three areas: text file editing, data extraction and manipulation, and process automation. These core strengths are leveraged into the flagship Qedit and Suprtool product lines, including Qedit for Windows. Qedit


There are 14,000 Robelle software installations for more than 3,000 customers around the world.

Customers and End Users

Robelle customers range from medium to large sized firms, including many Fortune 500 companies. Customers cross a wide range of industries with a few notable strongholds such as healthcare, education, government, manufacturing, insurance and banking. End users include a wide range of IT professionals: programmers, analysts, systems and database administrators, and development architects.

Sales Channels

Robelle sells directly to end users and also through Vertical Application Reseller channels.

Company Milestones

1977 Bob and Annabelle Green founded Robelle (Rob+belle).
First version of Qedit for HP 3000 is released.
1978 First copy of Qedit sold to Longs Drug Stores - Customer Serial #1.
1979 First international dealer signs up (U.K.), followed closely by European dealers.
1980 Suprtool is released.
First issue of Robelle technical newsletter, "What's Up DOCumentation?" (still published today)
1984 Robelle publishes the IMAGE/3000 Handbook which is still cited as a learning reference on the IMAGE database.
New product release: Xpress e-mail package
1990 Robelle sells DBAudit product to Bradmark.
1991 UNIX research begins.
1992 New product release: Qedit for HP-UX
1994 Robelle web site is born.
1996 New product release: Suprtool for HP-UX with Oracle Access
1997 New product release: Qedit for Windows
2000 Company name changed to Robelle Solutions Technology Inc.